Monday, 28 December 2015

Free App Can Be Your Money Making Machine

Do you have a product concept that you want people to engage in? Are you looking to launch an application that will interact best with target audience? Well, you are not the only one. 

It is not an easy job to attract people and allow them to use your app for free, all the while expecting your business to go up. You might be having cold feet about your start-up plan. Will you do great? Will people buy it? Is your app able enough to generate estimated revenue? Will your efforts see desired result? No matter if you are an established player or a start-up owner, it is usual to feel nervous at the start of any project. 

You are selling your vision for free. It takes a lot of courage to think of giving your app away just like that. But there will be great returns coming your way if you invest your hard work and resources in the smartest possible ways. 

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The exemplary apps that don’t charge a penny for downloads and yet have earned millions are: Snapchat, Telegram, Line, Google hangout, Instagram, Hubbub, ChatOn, Viber, and so on. You can do the same thing with your free app idea. Let’s join the road of effective practices that can give you awesome returns.

Correct App-Roach

If it is a business of digital presence, all it takes is patience and sharp insight to be successful. One way to generate the revenue from free apps is to allow in-app purchase in your application. Take an example of app games. There are certain level-enhancing games that add exciting value to games by introducing gradual features as users go along. 
Users can unlock specific features or characters or rewards system in exchange for charges as decided by app creators. For this addictive model to work, you need to come up with creative ways that will surely capture the nerves of the audience.

Advertisement Money

Advertising is another best way to increase the revenue numbers from your app usage. Mobile ads often help you earn more and on a consistent basis. When you feature an ad in your app, you can earn regular payment based on the ad and your app popularity. Pay per click model is often used for this purpose. 
But this method has its own drawback. People don’t like to have user experience in which they are frequently interrupted by badly placed ads. You need to seek relevance in displaying the ad that your users can easily relate with or can consider. Small, delicately crafted banners can be used to attract users’ attention without compromising their experience.

Free Access Lure

Initially, you can offer users basic set of features without charging them anything. Later, you can convince them to upgrade to higher level to give them full access to exclusive functionality. Encourage them to subscribe to more premier services and features lurking inside your app that can come unleashed upon paying fixed amount.

Primary features offered for free are an appealing marketing tactics. After you have gathered enough fan base, you can tell them to scale up to enjoy high-level and sophisticated. This sort of approach is able to enhance revenue stream and more successful than free trial offers.
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