Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Wordpress 2016: web design trends that will boom

It is not only easy to update a new feature in Wordpress, it is the first preference for blogger as well. Rich content, power presentation of content and mobile optimization are some of its gem benefits, which makes Wordpress a dream CMS platform for millions of people. If you need a mobile version, a simple plugin can optimize your website for mobile surfing.

So Wordpress is not just famous and adorable just because of its user-friendly structure, it also offers enhanced view and easy navigation on its mobile app. This is why businesses, individual bloggers as well as Wordpress developers find Wordpress trendy and fashionable.

Because Wordpress has steeped into Mobile world, enhancing mobile experience for users have become the topic of much intense discussion today. In 2016, the major focus is going to be Wordpress befriending Mobile. So this is the high time to talk about web design trends – look and feel and many more – we need to get acquainted with.

The all new Menu

Recently Hamburger menu has gained quite some fame; it has become favorite among many Wordpress design experts. This kind of menu is embellished enough to capture user’s attention and make content within much more remarkable. It is also friendly with desktop and mobile screen, enabling you to pull more benefits than with traditional navigation menu.

Highly animated Animation

Conceptualizing the content of your website is key to drawing more traffic. Crafting expressive Animations is a creative way to narrate the story of your website subject and helps jazz up the topic. The inclusion of good quality of animation makes the experience unique, exciting and memorable, forming original identity for your online presence.

Rehash the old design

The concept of flat design is no longer the old trend. History does repeat itself. Two years ago, iOS 7 put forward the flat design pattern. Apple is determined to release crispy and fresh design at least for some parts. Google and Microsoft is no behind in this, taking the big strides in design ventures. Big names are prepared to rehash the flat design concept in 2016.

Miniatures of minute interactions

From the moment we wake up, we manage to carry out even the molecular interactions. Be it facebook like or comment on a picture, we begin our day with virtual minute interactions. So UI and UX experts need to ensure that devices and applications used to execute such micro communication gives seamless interactive experience. 2016 will put emphasis on smooth and subtle UX design trends to keep everything about it basic, lively and conversational.

Parallax effect

Parallax effect in website design is still considered to be contemporary, cool and aesthetic. Dynamic structure offered by Parallax creates beautiful impact on user experience, making everything about content easy to refer and explore. It is utilized intuitively especially when there is a need to execute changing a situation of background picture.

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