Tuesday, 15 March 2016

How to insert GIF animation in LinkedIn Pulse Post?

We all have been trying to figure how to insert a GIF in your LinkedIn Post but it doesn’t support GIF format in its posting. We all are well aware of the importance of Pulse has increased over the last year and it has become even more important to make it as interesting as we can. Here, GIF images are a good way to make your blogs look interesting.

So we tried to figure a way to find a way to do the same. This is possible using a blog from your 

Follow these steps and insert a GIF in your PULSE Post.

STEP 1: Create A New Post –

Start by creating a new post on your blogger page as shown below in the figure. Once you have created a new post, you will see a page that requires you to upload the content. 

Step 2: Insert GIF Image

As you can see in the given image below, attach your desired GIF image to the blog post and then proceed to Step 3 where you will see upload option, upload your image file.

Step 3: Copy SRC Link

As highlighted in the given image below, you will see a SRC link generated once you select and upload a image file to your post. Now copy this link and go to LinkedIn Pulse.

Procedure on LinkedIn – Pulse

Step 4: Click on embed “<>”

Once you have uploaded the content on your LinkedIn Pulse profile, you will see the embed option. Click on the <> (embed) option and paste the copied link from Step 4.

 Paste link which is copied in step 5

Step 5: The Outcome: GIF Uploaded 

You have successfully uploaded a GIF to your LinkedIn Pulse without having to do much. All you need to have is a bloggers profile in and you can insert GIF to your LinkedIn Pulse blogs and make them very interesting and engaging.  

To see the example for such GIF inserted in a LinkedIn Pulse post, click here: