Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Mobile app is the first priority for travelers: Here is why

A recent research reveals that the use of mobile apps is expanding to become the major part of the world of travelling enthusiasts. Mobile app designed to meet travelling needs of users is gaining a lot of attention today. Those who want to go on a long journey often end up finding details on their mobile.

Customers are constantly changing in their typical shopping behavior, setting new trends everyday with the ways they use mobile apps for their needs. Here we have attempted to take a look at what is making difference in travelling industry and how mobile app is redefining the journeys taken by users. Read on to get what we have gathered for you:

Mobile Application Development

Mobile is the heart of almost any business

Mobile is a heart of consumer shopping. Mobile provides healthy information on purchase decisions more than Desktop. When it comes to travelling, digital devices become even more important. More than half of customers use mobile devices either for research or for directly buying new products and services. More users, more downloads and eventually greater success!

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Mobile is growing big

Although mobile doesn’t give you the same big screen experience, when it comes to shopping online, customers do prefer going mobile. 2014 is when travel bookings through mobile went up. No matter if customer is on the go or at home surrounded by Desktop access, they research and purchase through mobile apps more often.

Mobile: a big purchase machine

Not only users use mobile just for research or window shopping, they deliberately make the most out of its digital information and take the final call of making purchase. In the travel industry, customers are truly happy getting the most customized and satisfactory deals. More instances of bookings are being noticed on mobile than on Desktop.

Youth loves Mobile as their savior

Young group of people are the leaders among mobile lovers. They consider mobile as the immediate resort to get things done, and as the powerful medium to fetch the important details. However, even the middle-aged users are no less encouraged to use mobiles to a greater extent. They find a digital friend in mobile as the handy device influences their purchasing decisions travelling solutions.

Overcoming the shortcoming hurdles

4G is becoming a new norm now as most mobile makers offer fully fledged handsets that readily support 4G connection. So there would soon be no thing as slow connection. This will happen more noticeably with 5G getting ready to rock the digital world.

The never-receding craze of phablets will put the concern of using small screen at ease. Even Apple launched iPhone 6+ considering the need for bigger screen. Samsung did the same thing with its S6 model, spreading a breath of relief among mobile fanatics.

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