Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Is Swift Becoming A Next Big Trend In Mobile App Development?

After weaving a ripple of great anticipation since its launch, Swift as a programming language has not hit the heart of many Enterprise giants. Due to the many pragmatic advantages in the world of mobile app development, Swift has remained a talking point among many thoughtful enterprises. So can we say for certain that Swift has become the next enormous trend in mobile app development?

Many of us answer this question with hopeful ‘yes’. There is a wave in the digital app market about how Swift can be a fully-fledged, easy-to-maintain and most try-worthy coding language for iOS app development. Refer to the following true stories weaved around the monumental success of Swift as the big names in enterprises tasted its benefits:

 Why Lyft Unsuspectingly Adopted Swift?

The trend is best sustained by the fact that Lyft rewrote its iOS app from scratch in Apple’s new language. The reason why Lyft resorted to Swift language is that they found the code performing the same given task in less number of lines of codes as compared to their earlier coding.

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According to Lyft, while their old code was fine enough, the new Swift version is tighter, easier to maintain and ready for the future. This example is enough to suggest that Swift is taking the iOS development by the storm, making it transformed and increasing productivity and clarity for developers.

But Lyft is not the only one in adopting and propelling the trend. Getty Images, American Airlines and LinkedIn are also among those enterprises that have experienced the amazing power of Swift coding language.

Experience Of Getty Images With Swift

In one interview, Raphael Miller, the manager of application development at Getty Images, explained how they first came to terms with brilliant responses from their happy App users when they adopted Swift and went live, on iOS and OS X.  

What American Airlines Raves About Swift

Here is what Mr. Phillip Easter, the managing face of American Airlines has to say about Swift app development language: the American always attempts to remain “progressive in the mobile space, looking for ways to improve our development cycle and for improvements to the platform.” He adds, “what Apple is doing with Swift is a great addition.

With this, he continued to eulogize about how Swift offers tangible benefits such as high quality, easy-to-maintain and performance enhancing code. According to LinkedIn app development team, Swift’s functional programming features and emphasis on safety measures was the fuel to change.

Finally, Imagine The Future With Swift

According to the latest from Apple, Swift is ready to be available for android app development though the language was initially meant for iOS and OS X platforms. Once Swift is open sourced to Android, it would be a major advancement for the future of App development. So now you can be prepared to imagine the leverage of Swift in the future of App development!

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