Friday, 19 February 2016

5 witty methods to trigger an instant delight for your online visitors

When the visitors land on your site, they are very much ready to even exit your site, unless you convince them in 3 seconds that it is the place where they have to be. It does make an immediate impact.

In those 3 seconds, you need to indicate key elements like who you are and what you do within those 3 seconds.

Who you are

Your company logo represents you. So it needs to be designed well as it holds the identity of your company. Most importantly, it needs to be placed on the prominent place so that it is the first thing that people see after they land on your page.

What you do

A website also acts as a tool to communicate your business goals with the audience. This will give the audience the idea about what you do.

Your audience must know that they want to do business with you so you must state your business. Stating business is a key factor also for SEO purpose. The search engines won’t be able to find your business if you do not mention about your products and services.

Why should people care

Once your visitors know who you are and what you do, you need to mention why you are unique and what makes you different in this vast internet.
Your website needs to convince the users how your products and services can make their lives better.

Do not brag about your products and just mention why your product is excellent in the details. This will make the visitors hit the back button. Mention why they need it.

Call To Action

Once you are done with convincing your audience, you need to hold their attention by including a call to action.
Call to action must be specific and must extend the first 3 seconds to a sale or a conversion.

Decide the action you want your visitors to take and for it, make the use of CTA and use a simple, clear and easily understandable language.


The design of your website holds a critical place in creating the first impression on your visitors. The color scheme, layout, font and main image contributes to the overall feel of the website. The aesthetics on your site must be used in optimum proportion. Your site must not look uncomfortable or overloaded to the visitor.

The first impression of your site on the visitor matters a lot as your site is your online shop. This doesn’t mean that all visitors will stay on your page for more than 3 seconds for sure but at least it is a good start. The information the visitor looks for must be visible in the initial 3 seconds.


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